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Pet Travel Go-Bag

Pet Travel Go-Bag

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The Pet Travel Go-Bag is an ideal choice for weekend excursions, camping, or vacations. It doubles as an effective emergency kit starter pack, offering a sturdy red and black backpack with plenty of pockets and straps to secure your pet's bed roll.

Additionally, the Go-Bag includes a First Aid Kit tailored for pet needs, two extra-large collapsible travel bowls, and a roll of waste disposal bags. Simply add your pet's food and water, and you're ready to explore. This pack caters to dogs, cats, and other pets too.


  • 17”H x 12”W x 5-1/2”D
  • Abundant storage in the main compartment
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • 2 side mesh pockets
  • Plastic buckle straps for securing gear

First Aid

  • Zipper pouch with plastic hook
  • 2- 5-gram packets PetVet Antibacterial wound & burn dressing
  • PetFlex stretch bandage
  • Mylar Blanket 84 x 52
  • 2 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide spray
  • 4” x 5” instant cold pack
  • 5 pack of cotton swabs
  • Tweezers
  • 2- 2” x 3” sterile wound pads
  • 4- alcohol cleansing wipes
  • ID tag

Additional Items

  • 2 extra large heavy duty collapsible travel bowls
  • 1 roll of waste disposal bags
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