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Lighthound LED Light Harness

Lighthound LED Light Harness

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The superior visibility of LightHound's LED dog harness ensures your pup can explore new places and activities with ease. With this harness, you can finally rest easy during night walks and backyard romps, knowing your companion is clearly visible. Unleash the adventurous possibilities.

  • Ultra Bright - wraps your pup in full 360 degree illumination - up to 1/4 mile
  • Comfortable - designed for mobility and allowing full range of motion
  • Adjustable - available in 4 sizes and fully adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Washable - removable light unit allows the LightHound to be machine washed
  • Rechargeable 12 hour battery

6 Multi-Color Flashing Modes
8 Solid Color Modes
Always Bright Illumination

High- Strength Construction
Combining high-strength stitching and reinforced stitching patterns, the LightHound’s leash ring webbing is secured to the Cordura fabric along the entire length of the harness, making LightHound comfortable for even the hardest pulling pups.

Rugged Cordura Fabric
Exceptionally strong, ultralight, breathable, and easy to clean- the base of LightHound’s harness is crafted from a single piece of CORDURA® nylon fabric so your pup can wear it while playing rough and getting dirty. 


Is it strong enough for my hard-pulling dog?
The LightHound was pull tested to 300 lbs of force and should be strong enough to keep your dog secure.

Can the LightHound be used in cold and sub-zero temperatures?
Yes! The lights are designed to with a safety measure to shut off when it gets too cold to prevent damage to the electronics, but the actual operating temperature varies based on how active the wearer is (i.e. how much body heat is being generated) and how long the unit is in use out in the cold. So it can operate in extreme temperatures, but the previously mentioned factors will determine just how long. Generally speaking, a normal outdoor routine will be fine, but it probably won't last all night. We have received positive feedback from some customers in as low as -50°F.

Can my dog swim with it on?
The light housing itself is not waterproof and the electronics will likely be severely damaged if submerged. However, the light housing is removable from the harness which would allow your pup to wear the harness in water.

Does it come with a charging cable?
LightHound includes a microUSB charging cable.

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